Let’s be social

Congratulations! You’ve registered for the Arthur and Rochelle Belfer National Conference for Educators! You’ve dedicated 3 days + travel of your summer to learning how to better teach about the Holocaust. You deserve to be commended for that.

As we lead up to the conference, you’ll likely have questions for us and we’ll certainly have updates for you. Want to see who else from your region is attending? Arrange a carpool or after-hours networking session? Then, let’s be social!

Join the 2017 Belfer Facebook group. It’s a space for you to meet other Belfer participants, ask questions and get real-time updates leading up to the conference. Once the conference is over, we send you valuable USHMM news. It’s a digital platform to connect and support this growing network of Holocaust educators.

Join the 2017 Belfer Facebook group now!


  • @HolocaustMuseum
  • @Cameron_USHMM
  • Museum Hashtag = #USHMM
  • Conference Hashtag = #Belfer2017

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